GBNS undertake a range of asbestos related management projects.                                                                                  


Works Impact Assessments: 
We evaluate the impact of any proposed works or maintenance on the identified locations of known asbestos materials, and recommend the most cost effective course of action (with specifications, air monitoring budget costs and timescales) to be taken in accordance with the proposed works.

Tender Specification and Evaluation: 
GBNS conduct project tender specifications prior to abatement works, fully compliant with all current legislation and specific to our customer’s requirements.

GBNS is able carry out stringent vetting procedures on the asbestos removal contractors prior to inclusion to tender. Checking company history, licenses, insurances etc. ensuring our customers only employ competent contractors.

As part of the tender process, we can escort the asbestos contractors around the site work area/s, fully explaining the specification, the remedial works to be undertaken, highlighting any hazards, the customer’s specific requirements and also to identify any foreseeable problems.

GBNS undertake checking procedures with the appointed contractor’s paperwork, including the ASB5 notification, plan of works (method statements), risk assessments, operative training certificates, insurance certificate and licences held.

During the preliminary walk through/site meetings with the customer and appointed contractor checks on the site set up and any problems/obstructions are assessed and solutions found.

We manage asbestos projects from initiation through to completion, ensuring that all works are carried out in compliance with our tender specification, liaising with all parties concerned. On completion of the works all relevant documentation is supplied to the customer along with an executive summary of the contract.