GBNS provide various training sessions for businesses, so that the companies can conform to current legislation whether it is for asbestos awareness or for the removal of non-licensable Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s). The training courses are bespoke to the customer’s specific requirements, basing the training on their premises or services and making sure all their staff and other contractual personnel understand the systems they are putting in place. 


Asbestos Awareness Training

The asbestos awareness training covers all current legislation, identification of asbestos containing materials, health effects and more. The awareness training is available with two options which cover the similar criteria but with varying course duration dependant on the depth of training required. With an extended session, the course will end with a multiple choice examination and issue of certificate of attendance and understanding, if passed.

Removal of Non-licensable ACM’s Training

This course covers a brief awareness of asbestos and then continues with training of the use of equipment, RPE, PPE, approved working practices from the HSE and more. This course includes practical training when necessary, and a written test at the conclusion to show understanding of the course. The training course runs for the whole day and a certificate of attendance and understanding is issued, if passed.

Refresher Training

Annual refresher training can be provided on all courses relaying any changes in legislation, work methods or if new staff has been employed. There is no legal obligation to carry out yearly awareness refresher training, unless the above applies, however it is does state in the CAR2012 that training should be carried out 'at regular intervals'.
Refresher training for the removal of non-licensable ACM’s legally has to be carried out annually.

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