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At GBNS, most asbestos management projects start with the selection of the specific type of survey, best suited to the project needs. On completion of the survey, a comprehensive report outlines all actions required along with our recommendations. From this report, the management plan can be generated, with full discussions with the customer and GBNS ensuring that full compliance with the current legislation (CAR 2012) is maintained.                                                                                                                                                       


To manage the risk from ACMs, the dutyholder will need to:

  • Keep and maintain an up-to-date record of the location, condition, maintenance and removal of all ACMs on the premises;
  • Repair, seal or remove ACMs if there is a risk of exposure due to their condition or location;
  • Maintain ACMs in a good state of repair and regularly monitor their condition;
  • Inform anyone who is liable to disturb the ACMs about their location and condition;
  • Have arrangements and procedures in place so that work which may disturbthe ACMs complies with CAR 2012; and
  • Review the plan at regular intervals and make changes if circumstances change

GBNS will assist the dutyholder in the development of the management plan encompassing;

  • The responsibilities of the dutyholder, will be discussed with the customer and GBNS, before appointing a nominated person to aid with the management of the asbestos within the premises.
  • Re-inspections of known ACM’s are also part of the management plan, checking the condition 6 monthly to a yearly basis or when remediation works are carried out.
  • Training is highlighted within the management plans to conform to current legislation. Training is required to be carried out by the dutyholder to make sure all personnel within their premises are made aware of the presence of any ACM’s, health risks, permit to work systems which are being put in place.
  • Asbestos awareness training given to personnel must include any persons that perform any form of maintenance within the premises. This should also be given to external contractors if not already trained prior to the commencement of any works.

The management plan is to be used in conjunction with the survey risk register to ensure exposure to asbestos is prevented to all entering the premises.